For more information call (203) 261-2445
For more information call (203) 261-2445

Mole Control

Unfortunately, the more enriched your soil is the more likely you will have a mole problem.

 Moles look very much like a mouse but have a more pointed face.  They dig tunnels throughout your lawn causing disruption to the root system as well as making it much more difficult to walk on the lawn. The disruption it causes to the root system may, in some cases, also be very destructive which in turn results in the need to restore the lawn. 

In addition to moles there are other animals that can be easily confused with mole damage such as voles, shrews, etc. Our years of experience and expertise can take care of any and all of these invasive animals.

The process that we take to remove moles from your lawn can take one treatment or several.  In most cases we can rid your lawn of the existing moles with 1 or 2 treatments.